Mount Vernon Institute of Modeling and Etiquette

Mount Vernon Institute of Modeling and Etiquette offers an 8-week or 4-week training program.  Our 8 week program provides students the education, instruction and training in proper modeling techniques, proper skincare maintenance, proper makeup application, proper posture, nail care, first-rate communication skills, positive body language workshops, writing thank you notes, table manners (informal and formal dining), managing time and setting goals.  For example, students will learn the power of first impressions and to speak and project with confidence, telephone etiquette, proper nutrition and, most importantly, how to prepare for everyday and professional situations.  The curriculum differs slightly for male and female students.  These fundamental and necessary skills will contribute to healthy and positive character development of our students.

Moreover, the 8 week program provides each student with a professional photo shoot, a graduation fashion show, and a meeting with a model agent from a reputable modeling agency.  Students will also volunteer 2 hours of service at a local charity, as well as participate in an instructional five-course meal that will give students an opportunity to put what they have learned into practical use.  Mastery of these skills is a necessity for success in life.  We want to give our students the best advantage for being valued and skilled and appreciated members of business and social society.

Our 4 week program favors the first 4 sessions listed below.

Upon admittance, each student can choose to take his/her course on either 4 or 8 consecutive Saturdays or consecutive Sundays. 

The Sessions are from 12noon - 2pm each week.  Once a week.  One day a week.

The Engineers Club at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion
11 W. Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21201

Kids Ages 7-9
Preteens Ages 10-12
Teens Ages 13-17
Adults Ages 18 and up

Session 1:  First Impressions

Session 2:  Model Techniques I

Session 3:  Model Techniques II

Session 4:  Appearance (Beauty from the inside out)

Session 5: 
Strength & Balance

Session 6:  Etiquette & Manners

Session 7: 
Photography & Model Techniques III

Session 8:  Graduation & Fashion Show